Jan 2000 Issue
Negotiation Gambits [Salaried FP]

The author describes techniques for negotiating using scenarios that physicians commonly encounter.

Mar 1999 Issue
Tips for Life Balance and Time Management [Balancing Act]

This time management consultant offers family physicians her 10 most effective tips for managing time more wisely.

Mar 1999 Issue
What to Consider When Choosing a Billing Service [Getting Paid]

This article will offer advice in choosing a billing company for a family practice.

Feb 1999 Issue
A Physician's Guide to Locum Tenens [Feature]

The article explains locum tenens work for family physicians and offers guidelines for making a successful locum tenens arrangement.

Feb 1999 Issue
An Expensive Dinner: Surviving a Failed Business Venture [Feature]

The author recounts how his practice was affected when negotiations with a hospital system and MSO fell apart and offers readers basic advice on how to evaluate a business venture.

Jan 1999 Issue
Medalia: Why We Unionized [Salaried FP]

This article will examine why the salaried physicians at Medalia HealthCare (Seattle area) decided to unionize and how they went about it.

Jan 1999 Issue
Nine Keys to Better Recruiting [Feature]

The author explains ten strategies for helping a practice find and hire top-quality family physicians.

Jan 1999 Issue
Is There a Physician Union in Your Future? [Feature]

The article explores the trend toward unionization among a growing number of employed physicians and weighs the advantages and disadvantages of such action. The author also looks at one alternative to unionization - an IPA messenger model.

Nov-Dec 1998 Issue
Take-Home Messages From the Academy's Managed Care Forum [Feature]

From time management to alternative medicine to accounting, the Managed Care Forum of the 1998 AAFP Scientific Assembly offered pearls for family physicians.

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