Fraud and abuse

November/December 2013 Issue
How to Survive an EHR Meaningful Use Audit [Feature]

As part of the meaningful use program, which awards financial incentives to physicians for use of electronic health records (EHRs), the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is instituting random audits of incentive recipients. Practices facing these audits are advised to use a combination of careful record-keeping practices, close consultation with EHR vendors, and good relations with the auditors themselves to meet their record requests and avoid any penalties.

November/December 2011 Issue
Is Your Practice at Risk for Fraud? [Feature]

The authors point out potential weaknesses in accounting controls in physicians' offices, highlight the risk of embezzlement, and provide a checklist readers can use to evaluate their risk of financial fraud.

Feb 2006 Issue
Minimizing the Risk of Financial Fraud [Feature]

The author describes steps every medical practice should take to reduce the risk of financial fraud. Steps include checking employee references before hiring, requiring managers to monitor individual expenses, implementing specific vacation policies.

Feb 2001 Issue
Waiving Co-payments and Deductibles for Indigent Patients [Getting Paid]

The article explains clarifications to the anti-kickback statute that were recently issued by the Office of Inspector General. The focus is on waiver of copayments for indigent patients.

Jan 2001 Issue
Seven Steps to Medicare Compliance [Feature]

This article describes the OIG's voluntary compliance guidance and explains why and how solo and small-group practices should implement the guidance in their practices.

Jul-Aug 2000 Issue
Is Your Space Rental Arrangement Fraudulent? [Getting Paid]

This article will describe a recent fraud alert issued by the Office of Inspector General affecting physicians who rent space in their offices to companies that sell medical supplies and devices.

Sep 1998 Issue
A Quick Review of Reassignment Can Help Avert Fraud Accusations [Medicare Update]

The author explains the Medicare policy on reassignment, the exceptions and why it's important in the current climate of increased fraud and abuse enforcement.

Jul-Aug 1998 Issue
Protect Your Practice With a Medicare and Medicaid Compliance Program [Feature]

This article discusses the need to develop compliance programs to help family practices steer clear of Medicare fraud and abuse, the elements those plans should contain and how to implement them.

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