Malpractice and liability

Jun 2006 Issue
Don't Be a Target for a Malpractice Suit [Feature]

The author describes the top ten reasons family physicians get sued and offers risk reduction strategies.

Jun 2006 Issue
34 Pieces of Advice Worth Repeating [From The Editor]

You know it's really good advice if you want to hear it again.

Nov-Dec 2005 Issue
Choosing the Right Practice Entity [Feature]

This article weighs the options of various corporate structures (e.g., C corporations, S corporations, LLCs, partnerships) for forming physician practices and describes their strengths and weaknesses.

Oct 2005 Issue
A Must-Do List for the Departing Physician [Feature]

This article describes what physicians should do when they plan to leave their current practice, including how to notify patients and colleagues, and what difficulties they can expect to encounter.

Nov-Dec 2004 Issue
Do You Have the Right Malpractice Insurance Policy? [Feature]

This article offers practical tips to physicians who are buying -- or whose employer is supplying -- malpractice insurance. It addresses issues such as types of coverage, exclusions, content, tail payment, etc.)

Mar 2003 Issue
Seven Reasons Family Doctors Get Sued and How to Reduce Your Risk [Feature]

The author describes strategies for managing malpractice risk more effectively .

Mar 2003 Issue
How Do You Manage Your Malpractice Risk? [Editor's Page]

Invites readers to submit tips to supplement Roberts article in this issue.

Jan 2003 Issue
Providing Charity Care: A Primer on Liability Risk [Feature]

Physicians interested in volunteering to care for the uninsured are often concerned about liability issues. This article educates physicians about federal and state liability laws.

Nov-Dec 2002 Issue
A Primer on Employment Contracts [Salaried FP]

This article identifies and defines the key terms contained in most physicians' employment contracts.

Nov-Dec 2002 Issue
The HIPAA Privacy Rule: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions [Feature]

A health care attorney and expert in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) answers readers questions about the pending regulations.

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