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May 2002 Issue
Reconnecting With the Joy of Medicine [Balancing Act]

The authors show how to rediscover the meaning of practicing medicine by learning to identify your personal needs and values.

Feb 2002 Issue
Precepting: Help Yourself While Helping Medical Students [Balancing Act]

The author describes how precepting medical students can reenergize you and help prevent burnout.

Jan 2002 Issue
The Forgotten Art of Setting Goals [Balancing Act]

The author, a time-management expert, offers new information about identifying useful goals, and provides physicians with tips for adhering to them.

Nov-Dec 2001 Issue
Keeping a Survival Journal [Balancing Act]

The authors explain how journal writing can reduce stress levels for busy physicians. They offer tips for starting a journal and resources for exploring physicians' creative side.

Oct 2001 Issue
Reflections From a Family Physician's Daughter [Balancing Act]

The author, an FP's daughter, provides insight into what it's like to grow up as the child of a busy and dedicated physician.

Sep 2001 Issue
Sharing Lives and Life's Work [Balancing Act]

The author describes her practice's decision to include spouses in dialogue and decision-making at their annual retreat. She provides readers with specific detail about incorporating spouses in business decisions and describes the impact it has had on the practice, its physicians and their families.

Jun 2001 Issue
Managing Your Boss [Feature]

The article explores why physicians should learn to "manage up" and help their superiors obtain the best possible results for their organization and their patients.

Mar 2001 Issue
Healing Bodies and Souls: A Medical Missionary's Story [Balancing Act]

This article, based on interviews with a family physician who spent several years doing medical missionary work in foreign countries, will cover the rewards of such work and offer suggestions to other family physicians interested in getting involved.

Feb 2001 Issue
14 Alternative Practice Styles [Feature]

The article will explore all the non-traditional forms of practice a family physician can have, from administrator to author, senator to resort doctor, faculty to "free range" physician.

Jan 2001 Issue
Why Working Smarter Isn't Working Anymore [Balancing Act]

The author outlines seven current trends in time management, discusses how they will impact physicians and offers practical tips for managing these trends.

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