Job satisfaction

Nov-Dec 2000 Issue
How to Find the Job That's Right for You [Feature]

This article offers practical tools for physicians who are seeking a new position, from how to deal with recruiters to specific questions to ask to determine if the job that is available is really the job that is right for you.

Nov-Dec 2000 Issue
Creating the Time of Your Life [Balancing Act]

The author explains how to use "mindfulness" or "being in the moment" as a time-management technique for busy physicians who want to find more time in their day.

Oct 2000 Issue
Physician Support Groups [Balancing Act]

The author, a long-time leader of physician support groups, provides information on where to locate a support group, what physicians can expect to gain from attending one; what a group setting offers that individual therapy cannot; and how to determine whether a support group setting is right for you.

Apr 2000 Issue
Overcoming Compassion Fatigue [Feature]

This article describes a type of burnout called compassion fatigue and offers instructions on how to identify it and outlines the steps necessary to begin the healing process.

Jan 2000 Issue
Running on Empty [Balancing Act]

This article profiles a family physician who has acheived a comfortable work/life balance. It will also offer tips on balancing priorities for physicians.

Nov-Dec 1999 Issue
Do the Holidays Leave You Feeling Snowed Under? [Balancing Act]

This article provides busy physicians with "how-to" tips for meeting the responsiblities of the holidays without adding more stress to their already stressful lives.

Nov-Dec 1999 Issue
You Can't Always Get What You Want ... But Sometimes You Can [Feature]

The article explains negotiation tactics physicians should understand so they can use them effectively and identify when tactics are being used on them, whether with managed care organizations, employers or salesmen.

Oct 1999 Issue
Relighting Your Fire [Balancing Act]

The author describes steps to take to recognize burnout and recapture a sense of balance and meaning in professional life.

Oct 1999 Issue
Job Satisfaction: Putting Theory Into Practice [Feature]

This article gives suggestions for how physicians can apply Herzberg's theories of employee motivation to improve their staff management and improve staff satisfaction.

Sep 1999 Issue
What Your Body, Mind and Spirit Can Tell You [Balancing Act]

This article encourages physicians to recognize signs of stress and care for themselves so that they may be better equipped both physically and mentally to practice medicine.

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