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Nov-Dec 2000 Issue
Making Quality and Service Pay: Part 2, The External Environment [Feature]

The article will explain how physicians can pursue quality improvement (improving their practice systems and patient outcomes) without losing their shirts.

Oct 2000 Issue
Navigating the Patient Appeals Process [Feature]

This article explains why physicians should appeal some health plan denials with their patients, and it gives suggestions about how to improve their chances when they do appeal.

Oct 2000 Issue
An Open Letter to the CEO of Our Health Plan [Editor's Page]

Open letter to the CEO of United Health Care, the Academy health plan, discussing improvements and user control.

Jul-Aug 2000 Issue
Is Universal Coverage the American Way? [Feature]

This article provides an overview of what has happened to health care reform since the Clinton administration's failed attempts in the mid-1990s and focuses on the efforts of the Physician Work Group on Universal Coverage to bring health care for the uninsured to the forefront in this election year.

Apr 2000 Issue
Putting in a Good Word for Capitation [Editor's Page]

Argues that capitation is still a good idea despite its current bad name, and that advances in technology and the organization of the health care system may still make it a desirable and achievable payment mode.

Mar 2000 Issue
Getting New Physicians Credentialed Quickly [Getting Paid]

How to get paid for noncredentialed physicians. Why it takes so long to get credentialed. What physicians can do in the meantime? What they can do to make it happen more quickly.

Oct 1999 Issue
Redefining Corporate Medicine [Editorial]

Argues for large physician organizations as a way of keeping the proper balance between the clinical and the financial rather than letting nonphysician managed care organizations emphasize the financial at the expense of the clinical.

Sep 1999 Issue
An Alarming Case of Viagra Abuse [Editorial]

A letter of protest to a managed care company that protested his patient's use of 8 Viagra tablets in a single month when the average is 5.9

Nov-Dec 1998 Issue
Decrease Hassles and Costs by Integrating Your Plans' Formularies [Feature]

This article describes how one practice developed its own drug formulary to help overcome the hassles of trying to prescribe according to the formularies of several managed care plans.

May 1998 Issue
The Managed Care Transition: Touching All the Bases [Feature]

Using analogies to baseball, the author describes a method for coping with and managing changes in the health care system.

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