Chronic care

Apr 2006 Issue
Using a Simple Patient Registry to Improve Your Chronic Disease Care [Feature]

This is a case study in which Excel was used to do preventive care or chronic disease management and what lessons were learned. It will include a blank copy of the Excel spreadsheet that readers can download from the FPM Web site.

Jan 2006 Issue
Group Visits for Chronic Illness Care: Models, Benefits and Challenges [Feature]

The article, based on four years of experience at one medical group, describes the advantages and challenges of using group visits to help manage the care of patients with chronic diseases.

Nov-Dec 2005 Issue
Improving Chronic Illness Care: Lessons Learned in a Private Practice [Feature]

The article will describe strategies for improving the care of patients with chronic diseases, including how to secure physician buy-in of the chronic care model and how to sustain improvements in patient outcomes.

Nov-Dec 2005 Issue
Chronic Care in an Acutely Ill System [From The Editor]

Taking the long view in a short-sighted world takes courage and commitment.

Nov-Dec 2005 Issue
1-800-Chronic Disease Management [Editorial]

It makes no sense for medical insurance companies to do chronic disease management. Their role is to manage money. Primary care physicians can do chronic disease management right and for the right reasons. We must be paid for implementing these programs and paid to sustain them.

Oct 2004 Issue
Asthma Days: An Approach to Planned Asthma Care for Family Physicians [Feature]

The author, a member of the faculty for the AAFP/NICHQ asthma collaborative, describes his practice's approach to planned asthma care and offers an approach that other practices can use.

Oct 2004 Issue
High-Energy, High-Return Practice [Editor's Page]

Argues that, even given all the barriers, practice improvement effort can pay off in enough ways that it is worth the effort.

Sep 2004 Issue
Big Ideas to Help Your Practice Thrive [Feature]

The article features 12 "big ideas" in current practice management thinking, submitted by family physicians and selected by a panel of experts.

May 2004 Issue
Patient-Physician Partnering to Improve Chronic Disease Care [Improving Patient Care]

The article explains how a physician-patient agreement can help patients with chronic diseases become more involved in their care and have better outcomes.

Feb 2002 Issue
Improving Anticoagulation Management at the Point of Care [Feature]

This article describes how point-of-care anticoagulation devices can make warfarin therapy more patient-focused.

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