Preventive care

Jan-Feb 2009 Issue
New Year, New Medicare Preventive Coverage [Feature]

The article provides a summary of the clinical preventive services Medicare covers, the circumstances under which they're covered and guidance about how to get paid for them.

Sep-Oct 2008 Issue
Vaccination Management: Is Your Practice on Target? [Feature]

The availability of expensive vaccines for HPV and herpes zoster have made the issue of payment for vaccinations more critical than ever for family medicine practices. The author offers coding and billing advice to help physicians secure the payment they're entitled to.

Sep-Oct 2008 Issue
Launching a Community-Wide Flu Vaccination Plan [Feature]

The article describes one family physician's efforts to organize flu vaccination for an entire rural county in Oklahoma and the resulting improvements in vaccine coverage and office efficiency.

Feb 2008 Issue
Defending the Real Standard of Care [The Last Word]

When a strep test led to a lawsuit, this physician took the stand in defense of common sense.

Jan 2008 Issue
Preventive Medicine: Giving Patients the Hard Sell [Feature]

The article describes how to more effectively advocate that your patients receive needed preventive services.

Sep 2007 Issue
Rewarding Failure [The Last Word]

High-tech, high-cost procedures may get all the glory in health care, but they signal our failure to reward prevention.

Jul-Aug 2007 Issue
Billing for Medicare Part D Vaccines [Feature]

This article explains how to code for vaccines covered under Medicare Part D in 2007.

Mar 2007 Issue
Vaccine Administration: Making the Process More Efficient in Your Practice [Feature]

The author describes how to optimize the office processes to improve rates of immunization and cost-effectiveness.

Feb 2007 Issue
What's New in Medicare Preventive Benefits [Feature]

A summary of the clinical preventive services Medicare covers and the circumstances under which they're covered as well guidance about how to get paid for them.

Jan 2006 Issue
Preparing for an Influenza Pandemic: Vaccine Prioritization [Feature]

The author offers advice on preparing the family practice for a flu pandemic. The article includes several reference tables and forms that would be useful in the event.

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