Cultural diversity

July/August 2017 Issue
Building Capacity to Care for Refugees [Feature]

So you want to incorporate refugee health into your practice. Now what?

July/August 2016 Issue
Tips to Help Teen Patients Deal With Discrimination [The Last Word]

Even subtle bias can affect our patients, but talking about it can help.

March/April 2014 Issue
Incorporating Medical Interpretation Into Your Practice [Feature]

The number of people speaking a language other than English in the United States has increased to almost 20 percent of the population. In addition, the aging population is increasing the number of patients who are deaf or hard of hearing. This demographic shift as well as legal obligations mean many practices should develop a strategy to accommodate language barriers and ensure continued quality care. Those strategies include developing an organizational policy, determining the appropriate method of communication during the patient encounter, seeking financial support for medical interpretation, and providing language-appropriate patient forms and educational resources.

September/October 2013 Issue
Practical Realities of Doing Volunteer Medical Work in the Developing World [Feature]

International medicine offers challenges and rewards while working in a setting far removed from home.

September/October 2013 Issue
Working With International Populations - Abroad or in Your Own Backyard [Feature]

Finding the right path to pursue international health care requires answering the right questions and choosing the right partners.

Jul-Aug 2005 Issue
The A to Z of Cross-Cultural Medicine [Improving Patient Care]

The article offers advice for improving one's competency in understanding cultural differences between patients and physicians.

Jul-Aug 2004 Issue
Do I Need an Interpreter? (Spanish version) [Patient Education]

Jul-Aug 2004 Issue
Using Bilingual Staff Members as Interpreters [Feature]

This article draws from the author's experience to offer recommendations for providing culturally and linguistically competent care for patients who have limited English proficiency and requirean interpreter.

Jun 2004 Issue
Getting the Most From Language Interpreters [Feature]

The article offers guidelines for making the most productive and efficient use of language interpreters.

Apr 2003 Issue
The Challenge of Urban Family Medicine [Editorial]

Traditional medical training reflects a somewhat diverse population but, on average, does not expose students to the harsh realities of urban environments. After an eye-opening move to an urban practice, the author discovered that she had to be more than just a doctor to her patients.

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