Patient satisfaction

Jan 2002 Issue
Toward Sensitive Treatment of Obese Patients in Primary Care [Feature]

The article explores how primary care practices can better meet the needs of obese patients. It deals with such issues as designing and equipping the medical office to accommodate obese patients, overcoming negative attitudes towards those with obesity and fostering appropriate knowledge of this chronic condition.

Jun 2001 Issue
Understanding Your Insurance Coverage [Patient Education]

Feb 2001 Issue
Getting the Most From Your Phone System [Feature]

The author describes how practices can determine whether they should updgrade their phone systems to better meet patient demand, what an upgrade might involve, and how to go about it.

Jul-Aug 2000 Issue
'Problem Patients:' A Fresh Look at an Old Vexation [Feature]

This article offers instruction on how to identify difficult patients and how to deal with them constructively and with compassion and respect.

Jul-Aug 2000 Issue
High-Volume Practice: Are There Trade-Offs? [Improving Patient Care]

The article, part of a series based on research from the Direct Observation of Primary Care Study, will the effects of high-volume practice on patient care.

Jun 2000 Issue
Planning Group Visits for High-Risk Patients [Feature]

The author will discuss the following: 1. The steps required for planning, including selection of appropriate patients, specific details, time allotment requirements, patient educational materials and the pitfalls of group visits; 2. The need for appropriate data and documentation for reimbursement of group visits; 3. How group visits increase compliance, enhance clinical outcomes, improve patient satisfaction and reduce health care expenses.

Jun 2000 Issue
House Calls: Taking the Practice to the Patient [Feature]

The article will show how physicians can afford (in terms of time and money) to retain three rewarding aspects of family practice: housecalls, hospice and nursing home care.

Nov-Dec 1999 Issue
What Does Walt Disney Know About Patient Satisfaction? [Feature]

The article explains how practices can increase patient satisfaction, with examples drawn from one of the top-performing companies in the area of customer service: Walt Disney.

Oct 1999 Issue
Is There a Leading Physician in the House? [Editor's Page]

A review of the "physician report cards" service of the web site

Sep 1999 Issue
Practical Ways to Improve Patient Satisfaction With Visit Length [Improving Patient Care]

The article, first in a series based on the Direct Observation of Primary Care Study, will explain how physicians can improve patient satisfaction with little time investment. The advice is based on the DOPC research.

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