Patient satisfaction

Feb 1999 Issue
A Broader View of Patient Education [Improving Patient Care]

The article will discuss how family physicians can help educate their patients about referrals to other specialists; a sample patient education brochure accompanies the article.

Jan 1999 Issue
Getting Patients Off Hold and Online [Feature]

This article will examine how to use a World Wide Web site and e-mail as tools for improving relations with patients.

Jan 1999 Issue
Why I Fired My Family Doctor [Feature]

One patient's story of a bad physician-patient relationship and the lessons to be drawn from the experience.

Jan 1999 Issue
Strengthening Relationships With Your Patients [Feature]

Jan 1999 Issue
Measuring Patient Satisfaction: How to Do It and Why to Bother [Feature]

The article will discuss the importance of patient satisfaction surveys and will offer best practices for physicians conducting their own surveys.

Jul-Aug 1998 Issue
Improving Service and Increasing Patient Satisfaction [Feature]

The author explains what family physicians need to know about the basic principles of customer service and why customer service is an important element in practice management.

May 1998 Issue
Accessibility Is the Key [Marketing Tips]

The author offers basic tips about scheduling office hours to better meet patients' needs.

Apr 1998 Issue
How Satisfied Are Your Patients? [FP Stat]

Patient satisfaction surveys can be useful tools for quality improvement, but don't expect your patients to be 100 percent satisfied.

Feb 1998 Issue
Patients Stand by Their HMOs [FP Stat]

Jan 1998 Issue
Keys to a Positive First Impression [Feature]

The author identifies the common mistakes that practices make in patient relations and offers practical tips on how to make a good first impression with patients.

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