Physician compensation

Nov-Dec 1998 Issue
(Small) Trends in Physician Compensation [FP Stat]

Nov-Dec 1998 Issue
What the Hospitalist Movement Means to Family Physicians [Feature]

A follow-up to last year's FPM articles on hospitalists, this article will report on the extent to which this hospitalist-based models of care are affecting family physicians' abilities to contract with managed care organizations and provide quality care to their patients.

Oct 1998 Issue
In Search of an Effective Physician Compensation Formula [Feature]

The physician author explores the impact managed care has had on physician compensation formulae and outlines the compensation formula enacted by his five-physician family practice group.

Mar 1998 Issue
Managed Care Smiles on Primary Care [FP Stat]

Could managed care actually be boosting the incomes of primary care physicians?

Jan 1998 Issue
Primary Care Pay Growth Takes a Dip [FP Stat]

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