Physician employment contracts

September/October 2017 Issue
Evaluating Physician Employment Contracts: How Do Your Benefits Measure Up? [Feature]

From signing bonuses to relocation and continuing education allowances, your employment contract needs to provide more than a competitive salary.

July/August 2016 Issue
Employment Contracts for Family Physicians in an Evolving Market [Feature]

A review of the broad market trends can help you evaluate the specifics of your contract.

September/October 2015 Issue
Finding the Right Job: Two Key Issues [Employed Practice]

To find the right job, you have to ask the right questions about compensation and the work environment.

July/August 2012 Issue
Evaluating Employment Agreements [Feature]

A health care attorney outlines the key elements of a physician employment contract and offers advice to help physicians evaluate and identify terms that should be negotiated.

May/June 2012 Issue
Nine Practice Sale Pitfalls to Avoid [Feature]

The article describes problems that physicians might encounter in closing on the sale of a practice and gives advice on avoiding them.

Mar-Apr 2009 Issue
Tying the Partnership Knot: Making It a Win for Both Practice and Associate [Feature]

The author explains key issues that practice owners should consider before extending a partnership offer to an associate.

Oct 2007 Issue
Recruiting and Retaining the Right Physicians [Feature]

The author describes the most effective ways practices can recruit and retain the physicians who match up best with their office.

Nov-Dec 1999 Issue
You Can't Always Get What You Want ... But Sometimes You Can [Feature]

The article explains negotiation tactics physicians should understand so they can use them effectively and identify when tactics are being used on them, whether with managed care organizations, employers or salesmen.

Apr 1998 Issue
Benefits Programs: Look Before You Leap [Salaried FP]

This article discusses what benefits salaried FPs should seek to negotiate into their employment contracts.

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