Equipment and supplies

November/December 2012 Issue
A Toolkit for Clinicians Rounding in Long-Term Care Facilities [Feature]

The article describes the contents of a physician's toolkit intended to make nursing home rounds more efficient. The selection of tools is the product of research and testing carried out by the authors.

May/June 2010 Issue
How to Clean Up in Family Medicine [The Last Word]

As costs increase, medical practices need to get creative.

May/June 2010 Issue
The 12-Step Way to Reduce Practice Expenses: Part 2, Operational Efficiencies [Feature]

The article leads physicians through a systematic review of their practice's overhead expenses in order to help them practice more cost-effectively.

Feb 2007 Issue
Simple Strategies to Avoid Medication Errors [Feature]

The article describes practical ways physicians can reduce medication-related errors in their practices.

Feb 2005 Issue
How to Select an Electronic Health Record System [Feature]

The author describes a step-wise process for selecting and purchasing an electronic medical record system.

Mar 2004 Issue
How to Decide Whether to Buy New Medical Equipment [Feature]

This article walks the reader through the process of deciding whether it's financially feasible to purchase new medical equipment, and it includes an extensive financial analysis tool the reader can use during the process.

Jun 2003 Issue
Diagnostic Testing and Medicare: How to Get Paid Without Getting in Trouble [Getting Paid]

Diagnostic testing is an increasingly important clinical and financial adjunct to family practice. This article examines how to provide and bill for these services while avoiding false claims liability, Stark violations and breach of the reassignment rules.

May 2001 Issue
'Work Smarter, Not Harder' to Save Your Practice Money [Feature]

The article details how one practice implemented the principle of "working smarter, not harder" to optimize quality, efficiency and revenue.

Feb 2001 Issue
Getting the Most From Your Phone System [Feature]

The author describes how practices can determine whether they should updgrade their phone systems to better meet patient demand, what an upgrade might involve, and how to go about it.

Feb 1999 Issue
Time Savers [Improving Patient Care]

A family physician offers practical advice about organizing supplies in exam rooms, supplementing information in paper medical records and accessing common paperwork (e.g., referral forms, prescription blanks, etc.).

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