Facility design and construction

March/April 2013 Issue
Redesigning Your Work Space to Support Team-Based Care [Feature]

It's well known that the patient-centered medical home requires new modes of practice. Less known, and less understood, are the implications of these new modes for the layout of the office or clinic. The authors describe changes they have made in a series of neighborhood clinics to adapt the physical practice layout to patient-centered care and the needs of the clinical team.

November/December 2010 Issue
Before You Sign That Office Lease [Feature]

The article explains the issues physicians need to consider when signing a contract to lease office space.

Jun 2008 Issue
How to See Your Practice Through Your Patients' Eyes [Feature]

The author, a TransforMed research analyst, will describe things she observed during her visits to the TransforMed demonstration practices. The article will be structured as a "walk around the office" to see things through your patients' eyes that can be addressed easily and cheaply to improve your practice.

Sep 2007 Issue
Quick Ways to Maximize Your Office Space [Feature]

The author, a TransforMed facilitator, will share his strategy for optimizing communication among physicians and support staff by making sure the office layout encourages the right people to run into one another during the day.

May 2007 Issue
Efficient Office Design for a Successful Practice [Feature]

The author describes an efficient layout for exam rooms that takes into account ADA rules, wheelchair accessibility, computer placement for EHR use, etc.

Sep 2002 Issue
Choosing a Practice Facility [Feature]

This article will discuss elements of choosing a new practice facility: what factors to consider, how to find potential facilities and how to make a final decision.

Jun 2002 Issue
Strategies for Better Patient Flow and Cycle Time [Feature]

The article describes strategies that family practices have successfully used to move patients through their practice more efficiently, thereby improving patient satisfaction and practice productivity.

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