Hiring and firing

Mar-Apr 2009 Issue
Tying the Partnership Knot: Making It a Win for Both Practice and Associate [Feature]

The author explains key issues that practice owners should consider before extending a partnership offer to an associate.

Oct 2007 Issue
Recruiting and Retaining the Right Physicians [Feature]

The author describes the most effective ways practices can recruit and retain the physicians who match up best with their office.

Nov-Dec 2006 Issue
How to Fire a Staff Member [Feature]

The article describes the issues family physicians need to keep in mind when firing a staff member and offer tips for helping get through the experience.

Apr 2005 Issue
What a Medical Assistant Can Do for Your Practice [Feature]

The author describes ways of fostering more productive working relationships between family physicians and the medical assistants they work with.

Apr 2005 Issue
Encouraging News About Family Physician Recruitment [Feature]

The author, a physician recruiting consultant, outlines the decline in search asssignments for family physicians over the past several years and gives four reasons why he believes there will be a turnaround, including population growth and physician maldistribution.

Jun 2003 Issue
Questions You Should Ask When Hiring [Feature]

The author explains how to create interview questions for potential staff members, including twelve sample questions for evaluating candidates' personalities and professional skills.

Mar 2002 Issue
How to Recruit New Residency Graduates [Feature]

The article explains the strengths new graduates can bring to a medical practice and the areas in which they will need coaching from their more experienced MD colleagues.

Apr 2001 Issue
Tailoring New Physicians to Fit Your Practice [Feature]

This article describes how one physician improved his practice's new-physician orientation and integration process to increase physician loyalty and decrease turnover.

Jan 2001 Issue
Interviewing 101 [Feature]

In part two of the series on finding the right position, the author focuses on the interview portion of the job search and offers tips to maximize the process. She also provides instruction regarding the most effective ways to interview with administrators, management and prospective colleagues. Finally, she talks about setting limits so that the search for a job doesn't become overwhelming -- to the physician or to his or her family.

Sep 2000 Issue
Hiring the Right Physician for Your Practice [Feature]

This how-to article explains the steps involved in selecting a new physician for a practice, and it includes a list of questions to ask during the interview process.

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