Office management

Jun 2007 Issue
Huddles: Improve Office Efficiency in Mere Minutes [Feature]

Daily gatherings of your care team can help you meet daily challenges.

Apr 2007 Issue
Strategies for Developing a Knowledge-Driven Culture in Your Practice [Feature]

The author describes the concept of knowledge management, which has been examined in the business literature, to medical practices and applies it to medical practice, offering tips about how best to spread knowledge among staff.

Oct 2005 Issue
Get Better Results With Staff Performance Standards [Feature]

The author describes how a practice can improve staff efficiency and accountability by developing performance standards that measure each staff member's job performance.

Jun 2005 Issue
Handling Administrative Burdens [Balancing Act]

The article suggests five tips for physicians to decrease the amount of administrative work they encounter on a daily basis.

May 2005 Issue
The Danger of a Dysfunctional Medical Practice [Feature]

The author discusses developing and implementing a conflict resolution policy for a family practice.

Apr 2005 Issue
Making Every Minute Count: Tools to Improve Office Efficiency [Feature]

The author introduces cycle time measurement, flow mapping, and several other quality improvement strategies that family physicians can use in their practices.

Nov-Dec 2004 Issue
Five Ways to Retain Good Staff [Feature]

The author, a family physician, describes how he keeps his employees working for him for the long term. The article offers tips for building loyalty and rewarding staff.

Nov-Dec 2004 Issue
What Motivates Staff? [Feature]

Motivating employees is not as straightforward as most people may think. The author reviews the major motivation theoriesp, incentives and disincentives and suggests ways to apply them effetively in a family practice setting.

Jul-Aug 2003 Issue
How to Make Your Meetings More Productive [Feature]

The ability to run meetings effectively does not come naturally to some physicians. With this in mind, the author provides tips for organizing and running meetings that will energize participants and make them more productive.

Mar 2003 Issue
Five Steps to a Performance Evaluation System [Feature]

The author provides a step-by-step approach to developing and implementing a fair and consistent employee performance evaluation system.

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