Paperwork management

Jun 2000 Issue
Using Flow Sheets to Improve Diabetes Care [Improving Patient Care]

The article continues a series on one group's participation in the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's chronic care quality improvement project. This article explains how a practice can use flowcharts to keep track of and document the care of patients with diabetes.

Jun 2000 Issue
How a Salaried FP Computerized His Practice -- on His Own [Feature]

This article will describe how a salaried physician created a computerized patient records system for himself, without the help of his organization.

May 1999 Issue
Organize Your Data With Microsoft Excel [Computers]

This installment in an ongoing series on using computers will offer tips for using Microsoft's Excel spreadsheet program in a medical practice.

Mar 1999 Issue
What to Consider When Choosing a Billing Service [Getting Paid]

This article will offer advice in choosing a billing company for a family practice.

Feb 1999 Issue
Time Savers [Improving Patient Care]

A family physician offers practical advice about organizing supplies in exam rooms, supplementing information in paper medical records and accessing common paperwork (e.g., referral forms, prescription blanks, etc.).

Nov-Dec 1998 Issue
Decrease Hassles and Costs by Integrating Your Plans' Formularies [Feature]

This article describes how one practice developed its own drug formulary to help overcome the hassles of trying to prescribe according to the formularies of several managed care plans.

Feb 1998 Issue
Making Patient Care Easier Under Multiple Managed Care Plans [Feature]

This article will discuss the most significant hassle factors related to patient care that FPs face in carrying many different managed care plans and present systems FPs have developed to manage those hassles.

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