Staff management

Nov-Dec 2006 Issue
How to Fire a Staff Member [Feature]

The article describes the issues family physicians need to keep in mind when firing a staff member and offer tips for helping get through the experience.

Nov-Dec 2006 Issue
Improving Office Practice: Working Smarter, Not Harder [Feature]

The author describes steps she has taken to redesign her practice systematically, implementing advanced access, pre-visit planning and other steps to cope with her own declining job satisfaction and to improve the quality of care delivered in her practice.

Jan 2006 Issue
Seven Characteristics of Successful Work Relationships [Feature]

The article explains how the relationships among physicians and staff can greatly affect efficiency and quality of care within a practice. It also offers strategies for enhancing these work relationships.

Oct 2005 Issue
Get Better Results With Staff Performance Standards [Feature]

The author describes how a practice can improve staff efficiency and accountability by developing performance standards that measure each staff member's job performance.

Mar 2003 Issue
Five Steps to a Performance Evaluation System [Feature]

The author provides a step-by-step approach to developing and implementing a fair and consistent employee performance evaluation system.

Nov-Dec 2002 Issue
Serving Up the Feedback Sandwich [Feature]

This article describes a method of feedback physicians can use to offer praise and criticism to the physicians and staff they supervise. It also offers tips on how physicians can deliver the feedback in an assertive manner.

Apr 2001 Issue
Identifying the Causes of Staff Turnover [Feature]

This article will offer practical tips on retaining staff in positions of typically high turnover, such as receptionists.

Feb 2000 Issue
Choosing a Pay Structure That Works for Your Practice [Feature]

This article will discuss how to choose a model for staff salaries that rewards excellent preformance rather than educational level and longevity.

Oct 1999 Issue
Setting Group Goals [Improving Patient Care]

This article describes the importance of setting goals, whether for patient self-management or for quality improvement projects within one's practice. The article also explains how to set goals that are meaningful, specific, achievable and measurable.

Oct 1999 Issue
Preventing and Responding to Sexual Harassment [Feature]

This article will help physicians recognize sexually inappropriate behavior in their interactions with staff and offer tips for preventing this behavior.

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