Cash-only practice

May/June 2014 Issue
Practice Transformation: Taking the Direct Primary Care Route [Feature]

This practice cured its insurance headaches by switching to a cash-only payment model and charging annual retainer fees.

Feb 2008 Issue
A New Model of Charitable Care: The Robin Hood Practice [Feature]

The author describes the creation of his new not-for-profit practice, which funds the delivery of free care to the uninsured with proceeds from a concierge portion of the practice. He outlines how this setup allows him to provide better care and longer patient visits while maintaining an above-average income.

Jun 2007 Issue
Breaking Even on Four Visits Per Day [Feature]

The author describes how he developed his low-overhead practice and how he is able to offer high-quality care at lower costs to patients, many of whom are uninsured or underinsured.

Feb 2006 Issue
A New Future With an Old Business Model [Feature]

The author describes his move from traditional practice to a low-overhead, cash-only practice.

Feb 2006 Issue
Cashing in on House Calls [Feature]

The author describes her innovative model of practice. She contracts directly with patients rather than with health plans or Medicare, has no office and sees patients in their homes.

Feb 2006 Issue
2,500 Cash-Paying Patients and Growing [Feature]

The article describes Brian Forrest's continued success in his cash-only practice.

Feb 2006 Issue
Cash-Only Practice: Could It Work for You? [Feature]

This article examines the market forces that are driving physicians to opt out of contracts with third-party payers and contract directly with their patients and offers guidance to physicians who might be considering such a move.

Feb 2006 Issue
First-Party Payers: Should You Cut Out the Middle Plan? [From The Editor]

How much of the world can you set right simply by asking your patients to pay for their care?

Oct 2002 Issue
The Elephant in the Room [Editorial]

Complains that boutique medicine gets undeserved attention while truly important issues such as health care for all go undiscussed.

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