Cash-only practice

September/October 2016 Issue
Is Direct Primary Care the Solution to Our Health Care Crisis? [Opinion]

While attempting to solve one problem, DPC may be exacerbating other serious problems in our health care system.

September/October 2016 Issue
In Defense of Direct Primary Care [Opinion]

Direct primary care will continue to grow because it empowers price transparency, quality, and patient satisfaction.

May/June 2014 Issue
Practice Transformation: Taking the Direct Primary Care Route [Feature]

This practice cured its insurance headaches by switching to a cash-only payment model and charging annual retainer fees.

Feb 2008 Issue
A New Model of Charitable Care: The Robin Hood Practice [Feature]

The author describes the creation of his new not-for-profit practice, which funds the delivery of free care to the uninsured with proceeds from a concierge portion of the practice. He outlines how this setup allows him to provide better care and longer patient visits while maintaining an above-average income.

Jun 2007 Issue
Breaking Even on Four Visits Per Day [Feature]

The author describes how he developed his low-overhead practice and how he is able to offer high-quality care at lower costs to patients, many of whom are uninsured or underinsured.

Feb 2006 Issue
A New Future With an Old Business Model [Feature]

Turning away third-party payers and requiring payment at the time of service restored this family physician's practice.

Feb 2006 Issue
Cashing in on House Calls [Feature]

A cash-only, house call practice enabled this physician to earn more while spending less.

Feb 2006 Issue
2,500 Cash-Paying Patients and Growing [Feature]

This physician is expanding his cash-only practice to keep up with demand.

Feb 2006 Issue
Cash-Only Practice: Could It Work for You? [Feature]

The cash-only model involves some risk, but it can also bring many rewards.

Feb 2006 Issue
First-Party Payers: Should You Cut Out the Middle Plan? [From The Editor]

How much of the world can you set right simply by asking your patients to pay for their care?

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