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November/December 2015 Issue
How to Be a Leader When You Are Not "the" Leader [Employed Practice]

You can grow your influence and help your organization succeed by applying this one leadership concept.

September/October 2015 Issue
Finding the Right Job: Two Key Issues [Employed Practice]

To find the right job, you have to ask the right questions about compensation and the work environment.

July/August 2015 Issue
The Physician Employment Trend: What You Need to Know [Feature]

How will the emerging trend take shape? Is it good for medicine - for doctors? And will there still be a place for independent physicians?

July/August 2013 Issue
Personal Issues to Consider Before Leaving Independent Practice [Feature]

When physicians move from a private practice in which they have some ownership stake to a purely employed setting, they can experience significant psychological and emotional effects. This article identifies issues physicians should consider before they sell.

July/August 2013 Issue
Making Sense of the Trend Toward Hospital Employment [From The Editor]

More hospitals are courting physicians, and more physicians are accepting their offers, but why?

July/August 2012 Issue
Evaluating Employment Agreements [Feature]

A health care attorney outlines the key elements of a physician employment contract and offers advice to help physicians evaluate and identify terms that should be negotiated.

March/April 2012 Issue
ACOs Are Coming: Should You Sell Your Practice? [Feature]

The article describes the growth of accountable care organizations (ACOs), and it cautions physicians to consider five important things before selling their practice to an entity that is -- or is looking to become -- an ACO.

January/February 2012 Issue
Practical Institutional Politics for Doctors [Feature]

Physicians moving from independent to employed practice can experience bureaucratic culture shock. The author offers tips for getting along and communicating well in a bureaucracy -- and keeping the bureaucracy from interfering with the practice of good medicine.

July/August 2011 Issue
Why Did Your Productivity Decrease When We Hired You? [Feature]

The article offers several explanations, some not obvious, for the drop in productivity that physicians often experience when moving from independent to employed practice. It goes on to suggest ways of dealing with the issues involved and maintaining or regaining productivity.

July/August 2011 Issue
The Perils of Employment [From The Editor]

Make sure you're not just jumping from the fire into the frying pan.

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