Large multispecialty group practice

May 2004 Issue
Implementing Advanced Access in a Group Practice Network [Feature]

This article is about how one large group reduced waiting times and increased patient satisfaction by implementing open-access scheduling.

Nov-Dec 1999 Issue
Smaller Is Looking Better [Editor's Page]

Reflects on signs that large-scale integration of health care organizations may not be working and that a new kind of smallish group practice may be what's needed.

Nov-Dec 1999 Issue
Disintegration: How Employed Doctors Are Landing on Their Feet [Feature]

The article focuses on physicians who've sold their practices to physician practice management companies, hospitals and health systems, only to find themselves forced to "buy back" their practices or find an employed position when the larger entity's integration strategy fails. In exploring this trend, the author examines its effects on patient care and on the health care industry as a whole, as well as on family physicians.

Oct 1999 Issue
Redefining Corporate Medicine [Editorial]

Argues for large physician organizations as a way of keeping the proper balance between the clinical and the financial rather than letting nonphysician managed care organizations emphasize the financial at the expense of the clinical.

Jun 1999 Issue
Big Business and Bad Medicine [Editorial]

Editorial arguing that efforts to make medicine into big business are doomed to failure because they are economically unsound and because medicine is an art, not a business, and an art that depends on the doctor being set apart as special, not shoved into a slot with other "providers."

May 1999 Issue
A Case Study in Developing a Successful Medical Group [Feature]

This article will present the lessons learned by family physicians who formed a 74-provider multispecialty group, which in three years has become one of its area's leading employers. The article describes how they formed their group and learned that building a successful group requires dedication, hard work, and a willingness to make difficult choices.

May 1999 Issue
Developing "Groupthink" in a Multispecialty Group [Feature]

This article offers a series of "commandments" that members of physician groups should follow to ensure that the physicians give priority to the group's vision, mission and values over self-interest.

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