Clinical process improvement

January/February 2017 Issue
Why Best Practices Fail to Spread [Feature]

Most organizations want to get better, but most of their improvement efforts fail. Here's why.

May/June 2016 Issue
Improving Blood Pressure Control With Strategic Workflows [Feature]

Setting a goal, identifying the right patients, and implementing team care can help bring hypertension under control.

November/December 2015 Issue
Putting Pre-Visit Planning Into Practice [Feature]

Patient visits can be more effective if much of the information gathering is done ahead of time.

November/December 2014 Issue
Three Questions to Guide Any Change Effort [The Last Word]

The change you're pursuing is more likely to succeed if you can answer "yes" to each of these questions.

September/October 2014 Issue
Tools of the Trade [From The Editor]

Need help with quality, practice productivity, and population health? You've come to the right place.

September/October 2014 Issue
Controlling Hypertension: Focusing on "Why" Makes "How" a Lot Easier [Feature]

Understanding the power of quality data and then starting with a few specific measures leads to improved blood pressure rates.

November/December 2012 Issue
A Streamlined Approach to Prescription Management [Feature]

The authors argue for synchronizing prescription expiration dates for chronic medications to fall just after the next annual comprehensive care visit, so all of them can be renewed at once, without need for phone calls or unexpected interruptions.

September/October 2012 Issue
A Toolkit to Improve the Treatment of CA-MRSA [Feature]

The article describes the use of a clinical toolkit to facilitate the surgical treatment of community-acquired MRSA infections and reduce inappropriate prescribing of antibiotics in medical practices.

March/April 2012 Issue
A Nursing Home Documentation Tool for More Efficient Visits [Feature]

The authors introduce a documentation tool appropriate for nursing home cares. The tool was designed to help residents sift through the complexities of the nursing home resident, and the authors believe that it can be widely used with the same benefit by all practicing family physicians.

November/December 2011 Issue
Simple Tools to Increase Patient Satisfaction With the Referral Process [Feature]

The authors provide advice on optimizing patient referrals and reinforce their advice with three tools: a referral form, a referral tracking spreadsheet, and a patient satisfaction survey.

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