Clinical process improvement

January/February 2011 Issue
Integrating a Behavioral Health Specialist Into Your Practice [Feature]

The authors make the case for incorporating behavioral health counseling services into the medical home.

September/October 2010 Issue
Translating Learning Into Pracitce [From The Editor]

As an addition to the Prescribed credit that Family Practice Management (FPM) has always offered, the author introduces "translation to practice" CME credit, which AAFP members can now earn by trying out ideas they pick up from articles in FPM.

July/Aug 2010 Issue
Strategies for Reducing Costs in Your Medical Community: The Grand Junction Experience [Feature]

The authors list a number of techniques they have used to contain costs in Grand Junction, recently in the news for its extraordinary ability to deliver high-quality, low-cost medicine.

July/Aug 2010 Issue
Does Your Practice Deserve an Award? [From The Editor]

Family Practice Management now cosponsors an annual award for practice improvement. Readers are invited to apply.

March/April 2010 Issue
An Open Letter to All the Health Plans That Keep Sending Me Letters [The Last Word]

Health plans often send letters to doctors with messages such as, “Your patient has not refilled his prescription in two weeks.” Such letters don't help, argues this physician.

January/February 2010 Issue
Tools and Strategies for Improving Asthma Management [Feature]

The article describes the quality-improvement tools and strategies the authors used to increase adherence to evidence-based guidelines and improve asthma care in their family medicine clinic.

Sep-Oct 2009 Issue
Immediate Action Protocol: A Tool to Help Your Practice Assess Suicidal Patients [Feature]

The authors provide a quick-reference guide that includes questions to ask a depressed patient to identify suicidal ideation and space for local resource phone numbers.

Jul-Aug 2009 Issue
The Importance of Closing the Loop [The Last Word]

Never assume that a critical message has been delivered.

Sep-Oct 2008 Issue
Launching a Community-Wide Flu Vaccination Plan [Feature]

The article describes one family physician's efforts to organize flu vaccination for an entire rural county in Oklahoma and the resulting improvements in vaccine coverage and office efficiency.

Sep-Oct 2008 Issue
10 Big Ideas That Could Make Your Practice Better [Feature]

The article features a variety of "big ideas" in current practice management thinking, submitted by family physicians and selected by a panel of experts.

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