Clinical process improvement

Jul-Aug 2009 Issue
The Importance of Closing the Loop [The Last Word]

Never assume that a critical message has been delivered.

Sep-Oct 2008 Issue
Launching a Community-Wide Flu Vaccination Plan [Feature]

The article describes one family physician's efforts to organize flu vaccination for an entire rural county in Oklahoma and the resulting improvements in vaccine coverage and office efficiency.

Sep-Oct 2008 Issue
10 Big Ideas That Could Make Your Practice Better [Feature]

The article features a variety of "big ideas" in current practice management thinking, submitted by family physicians and selected by a panel of experts.

Jul-Aug 2008 Issue
Eight Steps to a Chart Audit for Quality [Feature]

The article describes a step-by-step process to performing chart audits for assessing quality of care in a practice.

Mar 2008 Issue
Beyond EHRs: How Technology Can Help You Treat Chronic Illness [Feature]

The authors describe how technology can help family physicians manage chronic disease through self-care (feedback, motivation and eduation) and remote care (remote monitoring, remote diagnostics and communications).

Nov-Dec 2007 Issue
Becoming a Superpractice [From The Editor]

You don't need a phone booth for a changing room.

Oct 2007 Issue
Let Your Ideas Shine: The 2008 Reader Challenge [From The Editor]

Got a good idea? Don't hide it under a bushel.

Sep 2007 Issue
Is Family Medicine Ready for the Home? [From The Editor]

The “medical home” seems to hold out great hope, but getting there may not be easy.

Sep 2007 Issue
The Ideal Medical Practice Model: Improving Efficiency, Quality, and the Doctor-Patient Relationship [Feature]

The article will introduce a series on "ideal micro practices" and will describe the Ideal Micro Practices demonstration project and the essential components of these types of practices.

Oct 2006 Issue
How to Improve the Quality of Waived Tests [Feature]

The author, AAFP's proficiency testing manager, offers suggestions that help ensure quality in labs that perform waived tests.

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