Clinical process improvement

Sep 2006 Issue
Providing Consistent Care With Standardized Admission Orders [Feature]

The article will explain how standardized admission orders can assist family physicians and will point readers to the updated versions of 38 orders previously published in FPM.

Sep 2006 Issue
A Whole Issue of Doctor Tools [From The Editor]

Your practice toolkit isn’t complete without these.

May 2006 Issue
Planned Care: Some Assembly Required [From The Editor]

(But each piece is useful in itself.)

Nov-Dec 2005 Issue
Improving Chronic Illness Care: Lessons Learned in a Private Practice [Feature]

The article will describe strategies for improving the care of patients with chronic diseases, including how to secure physician buy-in of the chronic care model and how to sustain improvements in patient outcomes.

Nov-Dec 2005 Issue
Chronic Care in an Acutely Ill System [From The Editor]

Taking the long view in a short-sighted world takes courage and commitment.

Oct 2005 Issue
Reliability Science: Reducing the Error Rate in Your Practice [Feature]

The article explains the key principles of reliability science and how they can help reduce errors and increase safety and quality when applied to health care.

Jun 2005 Issue
Innovation in Practice: Six Ways to Harness the Power of Your Ideas [Feature]

With a clear aim, some basic innovation tools and a willingness to experiment, your team can produce some remarkable ideas.

Oct 2004 Issue
High-Energy, High-Return Practice [Editor's Page]

Argues that, even given all the barriers, practice improvement effort can pay off in enough ways that it is worth the effort.

Sep 2004 Issue
18 Glimpses of Tomorrow [Editor's Page]

Introduces "Big Ideas" issue, suggesting that most of the ideas featured have something to do with the FFM new practice model and that the authors may actually share a vision of the future of family medicine.

Feb 2004 Issue
The Evidence-Based Medicine Heresy [Editor's Page]

The tools and resources of evidence-based medicine (EBM) are extremely valuable. Just don't forget that EBM still has cult status in the eyes of many and that people still occasionally enjoy burning a heretic at the stake.

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