Sep 2007 Issue
The Ideal Medical Practice Model: Improving Efficiency, Quality, and the Doctor-Patient Relationship [Feature]

The article will introduce a series on "ideal micro practices" and will describe the Ideal Micro Practices demonstration project and the essential components of these types of practices.

Sep 2007 Issue
Seven Strategies for Creating a More Efficient Practice [Feature]

The article will describe how "ideal micro practices" achieve low overhead; how they manage phone calls, paper, email, etc. efficiently; and what electronic solutions are effective for small practices.

Sep 2007 Issue
Quick Ways to Maximize Your Office Space [Feature]

The author, a TransforMed facilitator, will share his strategy for optimizing communication among physicians and support staff by making sure the office layout encourages the right people to run into one another during the day.

Jun 2007 Issue
Huddles: Improve Office Efficiency in Mere Minutes [Feature]

Daily gatherings of your care team can help you meet daily challenges.

May 2007 Issue
Efficient Office Design for a Successful Practice [Feature]

The author describes an efficient layout for exam rooms that takes into account ADA rules, wheelchair accessibility, computer placement for EHR use, etc.

Apr 2007 Issue
Panel Size: How Many Patients Can One Doctor Manage? [Feature]

The article explains how to calculate the ideal number of patients a physician should have on his or her panel in order to optimize patient access to care, continuity of care and quality of care.

Apr 2007 Issue
The Right Number: Optimizing Panel Size [From The Editor]

How many patients should you have, and how many do you have? Two simple questions, right?

Feb 2007 Issue
Six Tips for Improving Practice Efficiency and Patient Satisfaction [Feature]

The author draws on her experience in practice for a number of years to give new physicians tips on improving clinical and administrative processes.

Nov-Dec 2006 Issue
Improving Office Practice: Working Smarter, Not Harder [Feature]

The author describes steps she has taken to redesign her practice systematically, implementing advanced access, pre-visit planning and other steps to cope with her own declining job satisfaction and to improve the quality of care delivered in her practice.

Apr 2006 Issue
Creating a Lean Practice [Feature]

The article describes how physicians can improve the efficiency of their practices using "lean" principles developed by quality improvement experts in other industries.

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