Patient-centered care

September/October 2013 Issue
Practice Transformation: Running Your Business Like a Business [Feature]

Running a practice successfully requires more than just medical knowledge and basic management techniques. It requires an entrepreneurial approach. Miramont Family Medicine in Fort Collins, Colo., has realized higher revenue, larger patient panels, and other benefits by laying a foundation for the future, including investing heavily in technology infrastructure, the addition of new ancillary services, improved efficiency practices, and reorganizing as a patient-centered medical home.

March/April 2013 Issue
Redesigning Your Work Space to Support Team-Based Care [Feature]

It's well known that the patient-centered medical home requires new modes of practice. Less known, and less understood, are the implications of these new modes for the layout of the office or clinic. The authors describe changes they have made in a series of neighborhood clinics to adapt the physical practice layout to patient-centered care and the needs of the clinical team.

March/April 2013 Issue
Envisioning New Roles for Medical Assistants: Strategies From Patient-Centered Medical Homes [Feature]

The authors examine several ways that the work of medical assistants changes as practices make the transition to medical home status, and they suggest several strategies used by such practices to help medical assistants work at the top of their abilities and licensure.

September/October 2011 Issue
Remove Roadblocks and Improve Access to Preventive Care [Feature]

A family medicine residency clinic improved care for children with Medicaid by removing internal obstacles and using reminders to help ensure that preventive care is delivered, among other changes.

September/October 2011 Issue
What Family Physicians Need to Know About ACOs [Feature]

The article provides an overview of the accountable care organization (ACO) model and answers questions, such as "What is an ACO?" "What qualities will make an ACO successful?" and "Do I need to sell my practice to a hospital in order to belong to an ACO?"

November/December 2010 Issue
The PCMH and ACO: Opposed or Mutually Supportive? [Opinion]

The medical home and the accountable care organization need each other.

September/October 2010 Issue
The Patient-Centered Medical Home: Still a Work in Progress [Feature]

The article, an overview of the results of research into the outcomes of the TransforMed National Demonstration Project, is based on an interview with one of the key members of the research team.

Nov-Dec 2009 Issue
Step-by-Step Practice Transformation [From The Editor]

Can you walk there, or do you need to fly?

Nov-Dec 2009 Issue
Ten Steps to a Patient-Centered Medical Home [Feature]

The author recommends an organized, step-by-step approach to converting a typical family medicine practice to a patient-centered medical home.

Sep-Oct 2009 Issue
Five Communication Strategies to Promote Self-Management of Chronic Illness [Feature]

This article discusses the concept of self-management and how best to teach patients with chronic illness to manage their illness with skill and self-efficacy.

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