Patient-centered care

Jul-Aug 2009 Issue
The Importance of Closing the Loop [The Last Word]

Never assume that a critical message has been delivered.

May-Jun 2009 Issue
What Should You Do When Your Patient Brings a List? [Feature]

The authors explain how physicians can effectively negotiate the agenda of a primary care visit with a patient who brings in a list of issues to cover.

Jan-Feb 2009 Issue
Building the Case for the Patient-Centered Medical Home [Feature]

The article discusses the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) movement and describes what progress has been made toward convincing insurers, employers, legislators, physicians and patients that PCMHs should be the cornerstone of the health care system.

Nov-Dec 2008 Issue
Marcus Welby and the Medical Home [Opinion]

The public has an idea of what a patient-centered medical home is, but they haven't yet identified it with us.

Apr 2008 Issue
Closing the Physician-Staff Divide: A Step Toward Creating the Medical Home [Feature]

The authors identify the typical two-layer organization of medical practices (with doctors and support staff functioning almost as separate organizations with separate missions) as a major impediment to the development of true patient-centered medical homes. They go on to propose strategies for overcoming the duality.

Mar 2008 Issue
Have You Really Addressed Your Patient's Concerns? [Feature]

This article describes patient-centered communication strategies physicians can use to structure the initial moments of a medical encounter to elicit, explore and respond to patients' concerns more reliably.

Jan 2008 Issue
Transforming Your Practice: What Matters Most [Feature]

The article will describe how a large primary care clinic redesigned its processes and improved its quality, patient satisfaction and viability.

Sep 2007 Issue
The Ideal Medical Practice Model: Improving Efficiency, Quality, and the Doctor-Patient Relationship [Feature]

The article will introduce a series on "ideal micro practices" and will describe the Ideal Micro Practices demonstration project and the essential components of these types of practices.

Sep 2007 Issue
The Medical Home: An Idea Whose Time Has Come ... Again [Feature]

The article discusses the "medical home" concept and introduces readers to initiatives designed to help family physicians implement medical home features and assess the value of the medical home concept in terms of health care financing.

Sep 2007 Issue
Is Family Medicine Ready for the Home? [From The Editor]

The “medical home” seems to hold out great hope, but getting there may not be easy.

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