Performance measurement

Feb 2003 Issue
Putting Measurement Into Practice With a Clinical Instrument Panel [Feature]

The article explains the value of having a "clinical instrument panel" (a balanced set of key performance measures) to quickly and continually assess how your practice is doing and what areas require improvement.

Jun 1999 Issue
Improve Quality by Understanding Your Care Process [Improving Patient Care]

The article argues that a good process yields good outcomes. It shows how practices can use patient input to map out the patient care process and find ways to improve.

Jun 1999 Issue
Is Your Performance Data Online Yet? [Computers]

This installment in an ongoing series of brief web-site reviews will describe a site that makes data about physician performance available to patients. The article will inform readers about what your patients can find out about you on the Web.

Jan 1999 Issue
Are Your Patients Getting the Preventive Services They Need? [Improving Patient Care]

The article discusses the importance of preventive services and offers NCQA benchmarks. It also shows the process one practice used to identify its rates for mammograms, childhood immunizations and influenza vaccinations.

May 1998 Issue
Using Qualitative Self-Evaluation in Rating Physician Performance [Feature]

Because of the nature of a doctor's work, self-evaluation can provide insights that performance evaluation generally doesn't offer.

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