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Mar 2006 Issue
Creating a High-Performing Clinical Team [Feature]

This article advocates the development of a coordinated clinical team within a primary care practice. Research has shown that a clinical team achieves better outcomes with patient health than individual work alone. The article encourages practices to get buy-in from all team members and to set reasonable clinical goals.

Jun 2005 Issue
Innovation in Practice: Six Ways to Harness the Power of Your Ideas [Feature]

The article will describe pragmatic methods for creating a more innovative, quality-focused practice and more innovative work culture, with family practice examples.

May 2005 Issue
Beyond Charting: Using Your EHR's Data to Improve Quality [Computers]

Author describes how his residency program uses Crystal Reports to produce reports from their EMR system -- reports that have been useful in QI programs that have improved A1c, LDL and other outcome parameters.

May 2005 Issue
Improving Telephone Management in Your Practice [Feature]

The author describes how practices can evaluate whether their phone system is adequate for meeting demand and explains some process and equipment changes that might help improve performance.

Feb 2005 Issue
Practicing Without Paper Charts: One Clinic's Experience [Feature]

The article describes one clinic's experience moving from paper charts to an electronic medical record run on wireless, tablet PCs.

Feb 2005 Issue
Electronic Health Records: A User-Satisfaction Survey [Feature]

The 2005 FPM survey of user satisfaction with EHR systems; this is the survey instrument, disseminated as an article in the Feb 2005 issue.

Nov-Dec 2004 Issue
Why It's Time to Purchase an Electronic Health Record System [Feature]

The author, who led his group's EMR selection committee, describes changes in the market, in EMRs, and in health care that make this the right time for all practices to seriously consider purchasing an EMR system.

Mar 2004 Issue
When Customer Service and Patient Care Collide [Editorial]

Jan 2004 Issue
Five Strategies for a More Vital Practice [Feature]

The author explains how a commitment to patient care, discipline and focus, clear governance and decision making ability, improving office systems, and the willingness to invest in the practice make the difference between having a thriving, organized practice and just getting by.

Jan 2003 Issue
Open Access as an Alternative to Patient Combat [Improving Patient Care]

The author explains how he made himself more available to patients (by handing our his home phone number, taking his own call and implementing "open access" scheduling) and shares the positive results he has seen (improved patient satisfaction, improved financial performance and a shorter physician work week).

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