Nov-Dec 2006 Issue
Effective Work Relationships: A Vital Ingredient in Your Practice [Feature]

The article describes strategies for developing positive, effective work relationships within a medical practice.

Mar 2006 Issue
Creating a High-Performing Clinical Team [Feature]

This article advocates the development of a coordinated clinical team within a primary care practice. Research has shown that a clinical team achieves better outcomes with patient health than individual work alone. The article encourages practices to get buy-in from all team members and to set reasonable clinical goals.

Feb 2006 Issue
Physician Leadership: A New Model for a New Generation [Feature]

A summary of leadership skills and resources. Core texts from the business field serve as references, including Daniel Goleman's work on the "Emotional Intelligence" of leaders and "Crucial Confrontations," a New York Times bestseller on managing disagreement in the workplace.

May 2005 Issue
The New Model of Care in Family Medicine: What's In It For You? [Feature]

The article will describe the new model of care proposed by the Future of Family Medicine project and will address the barriers and solutions to implementing key components of the new model.

Jan 2005 Issue
Working Together: Communities of Practice in Family Medicine [Feature]

The article describes the "collaborative" model of learning, which goes beyond traditional didactic learning sessions and encourages participants to learn by doing and to share best practices with one another. The goal is rapid improvement of their organizations.

Jan 2003 Issue
Implementing Change: From Ideas to Reality [Feature]

The article will offer principles for dealing with change and effecting change within an organization.

May 2001 Issue
'Work Smarter, Not Harder' to Save Your Practice Money [Feature]

The article details how one practice implemented the principle of "working smarter, not harder" to optimize quality, efficiency and revenue.

Apr 2000 Issue
How an Employed Group Redesigned Itself to Achieve Financial Viability [Feature]

The article is a case study of how a failing primary care group improved its performance, in terms of practice costs, productivity and patient satisfaction.

Apr 2000 Issue
Using Peer Review for Self-Audits of Medical Record Documentation [Feature]

The author presents a simple and practical compliance method for performing effective and efficient internal self audits in the family practice office.

Sep 1999 Issue
22 Tips for Improving Your Practice [Feature]

The author offers a wide range of suggestions for improving practice efficiency, smoothing patient flow and cutting waste.

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