Nonclinical process improvement

Nov-Dec 2007 Issue
Optimizing Referrals & Consults With a Standardized Process [Feature]

Family physicians must actively manage the relationships between patients, consultants and themselves. This article examines ways to improve communication in referrals and provide better patient care in the process.

Nov-Dec 2007 Issue
Becoming a Superpractice [From The Editor]

You don't need a phone booth for a changing room.

Oct 2007 Issue
Let Your Ideas Shine: The 2008 Reader Challenge [From The Editor]

Got a good idea? Don't hide it under a bushel.

Sep 2007 Issue
The Ideal Medical Practice Model: Improving Efficiency, Quality, and the Doctor-Patient Relationship [Feature]

The article will introduce a series on "ideal micro practices" and will describe the Ideal Micro Practices demonstration project and the essential components of these types of practices.

May 2007 Issue
Getting Beyond Blame in Your Practice [Feature]

The article explains how blame, accusation and finger-pointing can doom quality improvement efforts, and it offers tips for fostering a "blame-free" culture within a medical practice so that physicians and employees can learn from mistakes and pursue quality improvement.

Sep 2006 Issue
A Whole Issue of Doctor Tools [From The Editor]

Your practice toolkit isn’t complete without these.

Sep 2004 Issue
18 Glimpses of Tomorrow [Editor's Page]

Introduces "Big Ideas" issue, suggesting that most of the ideas featured have something to do with the FFM new practice model and that the authors may actually share a vision of the future of family medicine.

Mar 2004 Issue
When Customer Service and Patient Care Collide [Editorial]

Jan 2004 Issue
Two Ways of Looking at a Healthy Practice [Editor's Page]

Points out that the Nicoletti and Borglum articles in this issue are connected in that they both come from practice consultants who have formed apparently similar views of what constitutes a good practice.

Sep 2003 Issue
A Challenge for You [Editor's Page]

Introducing the FPM Reader Challenge, the author solicits "big ideas that have made a difference in FP’s practices" as entries into an article competition.

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