Practice redesign

Sep 2004 Issue
Big Ideas to Help Your Practice Thrive [Feature]

The article features 12 "big ideas" in current practice management thinking, submitted by family physicians and selected by a panel of experts.

Apr 2000 Issue
How an Employed Group Redesigned Itself to Achieve Financial Viability [Feature]

The article is a case study of how a failing primary care group improved its performance, in terms of practice costs, productivity and patient satisfaction.

Sep 1999 Issue
Rebuilding After a Fire [Feature]

This article will describe how one practice dealt with having a fire.

Sep 1999 Issue
Re-engineering a Family Practice Center [Feature]

This article will describe the process the author's residency practice used to reengineer its operations.

Apr 1999 Issue
A Team Approach to Quality Improvement [Feature]

The article, second in a three-part series, will explain how teams of physicians and nonprovider staff can be effective in the design and implementation of a quality-improvement initiative.

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