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May/June 2015 Issue
Blinded by a Patient's Age [The Last Word]

When you see an 18-year-old patient, you don't expect to deliver bad news.

January/February 2014 Issue
Pre-Op Eval [SPPACES: App Reviews]

The Pre-Op Eval app provides evidence-based guidelines for the preoperative evaluation of patients undergoing noncardiac surgery and perioperative medication management.

July/August 2013 Issue
Advancing Multidisciplinary Team Care [Opinion]

The author describes a multidisciplinary, community-based team approach to the management of eating disorders and argues that such a model has potential for application to a variety of complex health conditions.

May/June 2013 Issue
The Use of Symptom Diaries in Outpatient Care [Feature]

The author explains the benefits of using symptom diaries in office practice, outlines various types commonly used, and identifies several sources of symptom diaries intended for use in print, online, and on mobile devices.

November/December 2012 Issue
A Toolkit for Clinicians Rounding in Long-Term Care Facilities [Feature]

The article describes the contents of a physician's toolkit intended to make nursing home rounds more efficient. The selection of tools is the product of research and testing carried out by the authors.

March/April 2012 Issue
A Nursing Home Documentation Tool for More Efficient Visits [Feature]

The authors introduce a documentation tool appropriate for nursing home cares. The tool was designed to help residents sift through the complexities of the nursing home resident, and the authors believe that it can be widely used with the same benefit by all practicing family physicians.

Mar 2008 Issue
Discussing End-of-Life Care With Your Patients [Feature]

This article offers readers an introduction to end-of-life care. It discusses predicting life expectancy, initiating hospice care, introducing advance directives and billing for hospice care, among other things.

Sep 2006 Issue
The FPM Encounter Forms Collection: 'Paper Automation' of Your Progress Notes [Feature]

The article consists of a brief introduction and a collection of special-purpose encounter forms from the FPM Toolbox. The forms are intended to facilitate and improve data gathering in various types of office visits.

Mar 2005 Issue
A Tool for Evaluating Patients with a Knee Injury [Improving Patient Care]

The article is part of the "Point-of-Care Guides" series and provides an evidence-based encounter form for use with patients who present with knee injury.

Jun 2003 Issue
Focusing on Today's Visit [Improving Patient Care]

The article describes how one family practice uses a "today's visit" form to help patients focus on what they really want out of the current visit, leaving them more satisfied with their care and less likely to call with follow-up questions.

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