Patient care, general

Mar 2005 Issue
A Tool for Evaluating Patients with a Knee Injury [Improving Patient Care]

The article is part of the "Point-of-Care Guides" series and provides an evidence-based encounter form for use with patients who present with knee injury.

Jun 2003 Issue
Focusing on Today's Visit [Improving Patient Care]

The article describes how one family practice uses a "today's visit" form to help patients focus on what they really want out of the current visit, leaving them more satisfied with their care and less likely to call with follow-up questions.

Mar 2003 Issue
Defining "Confined to the Home" [Getting Paid]

The author explains recent guidance from Medicare regarding how to determine whether a patient meets Medicare's definition of "confined to the home" (i.e., homebound).

Feb 2002 Issue
Prescriptions: Why They're So Complicated [Patient Education]

Patient education piece designed to help the patient understand the responsibilities of the pharmacy, the physician and the patient when it comes to filling, refilling and paying for prescribed drugs.

Feb 2000 Issue
The Family Physician's Role in Reducing Medical Errors [Improving Patient Care]

The article will explain the kinds of medical errors that are common in medical practice and what physicians can do to improve patient safety.

Jan 2000 Issue
Two Excellent Sources for Alzheimer's Information [Computers]

Review of Alzheimer's web sites, which offer comprehensive information and breaking news for physicians and family members

Nov-Dec 1999 Issue
Building a Patient Registry From the Ground Up [Improving Patient Care]

The article continues a series on one group's participation in the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's chronic care quality improvement project. This article explains how a practice can identify its patients who have diabetes and organize that information into a registry.

Nov-Dec 1999 Issue
Using Standardized Admit Orders to Improve Inpatient Care [Feature]

The article will explain the value of using standardized admit orders and will offer several examples of standardized orders developed at Scott & White Clinic.

Sep 1999 Issue
Practical Ways to Improve Patient Satisfaction With Visit Length [Improving Patient Care]

The article, first in a series based on the Direct Observation of Primary Care Study, will explain how physicians can improve patient satisfaction with little time investment. The advice is based on the DOPC research.

Mar 1999 Issue
Tips for Making Inpatient Care More Efficient [Feature]

This article presents practical tips on how family physicians can improve the quality of inpatient care -- and make it more cost-effective -- by improving its efficiency.

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