CPT: Evaluation and management codes

Apr 2006 Issue
How Do You Cope With Bundled Claims? [From The Editor]

Don’t cheat yourself. That’s the health plan’s job.

Jan 2006 Issue
CPT 2006: Another Year, Another Round of Updates [Feature]

This article describes changes in CPT codes for 2006 in the areas most likely to affect family physicians.

Sep 2005 Issue
Coding "Routine" Office Visits: 99213 or 99214? [Feature]

The article explains how physicians can better recognize when visits coded as 99213 in fact satisfy the requirements for coding 99214. The author's method involves focusing first on the medical decision-making component, which he says encapsulates the true essence of the patient-physician interaction.

Oct 2004 Issue
Understanding When to Use Modifier -25 [Getting Paid]

A coding expert explains how and why modifier -25 can be used in family practice.

Jun 2004 Issue
Are You Coding Accurately? [Getting Paid]

This article provides readers with step-by-step instructions for checking their E/M coding distribution with national guidelines established in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Family Practice Profile.

Mar 2004 Issue
Coding for Depression Without Getting Depressed [Getting Paid]

Here is what you need to know to code and be reimbursed for counseling and treating patients with depression.

Jan 2004 Issue
CPT: What's in Store for 2004 [Getting Paid]

Summary of relevant CPT changes for family physicians.

Oct 2003 Issue
How to Get All the 99214s You Deserve [Feature]

The article reviews the coding and documentation requirements for the 99214 office visit code and offers advice on proper coding.

Sep 2003 Issue
Understanding When to Use the New Patient E/M Codes [Feature]

The author explains the CPT definition of "new patient" and describes how to document and code new-patient visits in compliance with Medicare's "Documentation Guidelines for Evaluation and Management (E/M) Services."

Jun 2003 Issue
Time Is of the Essence: Coding on the Basis of Time for Physician Services [Feature]

The article explains how a physician's time spent providing a service can influence the level of coding in certain situations.

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