Evaluation and management guidelines

May 2003 Issue
An Update on the E/M Codes and Documentation Guidelines [Getting Paid]

The author explains recent developments surrounding the revision of the documentation guidelines for evaluation and management services.

Feb 2002 Issue
Test Your Coding Skills [Feature]

This article will test the readers' coding knowledge by asking them to code a number of sample progress notes in the first half of the article and then compare their codes with those recommended by a panel of coding reviewers in the second half of the article.

Feb 2002 Issue
Getting Paid: Wrestling With the System [Editor's Page]

Argues that E/M coding is fundamentally unworkable as a way of determining charges because it functions in a system where incentives are not aligned.

Nov-Dec 2001 Issue
The Ins and Outs of "Incident-To" Reimbursement [Feature]

This article describes the key points of Medicare's incident-to rules as they apply to family physicians.

Oct 2001 Issue
How to Get All the 99214s You Deserve [Feature]

The article reviews the coding and documentation requirements for the 99214 office visit code.

May 2000 Issue
Off the Charts: Teaching Students in Compliance With HCFA Guidelines [Feature]

This article addresses teaching methods that may put physicians at risk for HCFA violations and offers ideas for maximizing student involvement in outpatient settings that comply with HCFA guidelines.

Sep 1999 Issue
The Draft Documentation Guidelines: Unloading the Last Straw [Editor's Page]

Introduces cover story on the "new framework" for the documentation guidelines

Sep 1999 Issue
Sneak Preview of the (Revised) Revised E/M Documentation Guidelines [Feature]

An update on HCFA's revision of the documentation guidelines for E/M services. The article will introduce what the revised guidelines are likely to include and provide the latest information available on HCFA's implementation timeline.

Jul-Aug 1999 Issue
A Quick-Reference Card for Identifying Level-4 Visits [Feature]

The article presents a tool developed by the author to help family physicians quickly evaluate whether a patient visit meets the criteria for 99214 visits established in the E/M documentation guidelines.

Jul-Aug 1998 Issue
AMA House Rejects 'New Framework,' Votes to Oppose Quantitative Documentation Guidelines [Feature]

The AMA House of Delegates passed a resolution to “oppose any documentation system that requires quantitative formulas or assigns numeric values to elements in the medical record to qualify as clinically appropriate medical record-keeping.”

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