March/April 2010 Issue
Medicare Enrollment: Staying in the Game Even When the Rules Change [Feature]

With recent changes in CMS rules governing Medicare enrollment, including the requirement for periodic "revalidation," enrollment has become much more complicated. This article focuses on common problems physicians may face in the enrollment process and how to avoid them.

Oct 2006 Issue
Managed Care Administrative Tasks: Cutting the Red Tape [Feature]

This article discusses the most significant hassle factors related to managing multiple managed care plans and describes best practices for dealing with them.

May 2004 Issue
Simplifying the Credentialing Process [Getting Paid]

The author explains the Universal Credentialing Data Source, a system developed by the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare to enable physicians to be credentialed or update their credentials by faxing or e-mailing their information to one place rather than having to send it to each insurance company they contract with.

Mar 2004 Issue
Fighting for Hospital Privileges [Feature]

The article will explain what steps family physicians should take when they're facing a privileging battle, including common mistakes to avoid and local and national resources that can offer assistance.

Mar 2000 Issue
Getting New Physicians Credentialed Quickly [Getting Paid]

How to get paid for noncredentialed physicians. Why it takes so long to get credentialed. What physicians can do in the meantime? What they can do to make it happen more quickly.

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