American Academy of Family Physicians

Jul-Aug 2009 Issue
Two Pictures of a Medical Home [From The Editor]

It's hard to hit a moving target.

Sep-Oct 2008 Issue
How Important Is FPM to You? [From The Editor]

Is it important enough to pay for?

Jul-Aug 2008 Issue
A Whole New Format for FPM [Opinion]

Starting in November, you'll be able to thumb through the newest issue of FPM –- on the computer.

Feb 2008 Issue
Coming Changes in FPM [From The Editor]

Starting in April, FPM will have more to offer AAFP members and subscribers.

Jan 2008 Issue
The Snake on the Torch [Editor's Page]

Jul-Aug 2007 Issue
Practice a Half Century Ago and Now [From The Editor]

What good old days? You're $1.35 an hour better off today.

Jun 2007 Issue
A Report Card for 32 Payers: Not Making the Grade [Feature]

The article describes the results of a survey of physicians' experiences with major health care payers.

Jun 2007 Issue
'Grade Your Payers': Solo Docs Speak Up [From The Editor]

If you're not feeling their pain, is it just because you're anesthetized?

Oct 2006 Issue
Sports Physicals: A Coding Conundrum [Feature]

The author describes how to code and get paid for sports physicals and how to manage sometimes differing expectations of the parent, the patient and your own as the physician.

Jan 2005 Issue
Are You Ready for Maintenance of Certification? [Feature]

The article will provide an overview of the new maintenance-of-certification requirements and explain to physicians how it will affect them and what they need to do.

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