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July/August 2015 Issue
The Recertification Exam: Then and Now [The Last Word]

Since 1970, when the author sat for the first family medicine certification exam, a lot has changed - but not everything.

July/August 2014 Issue
The Shifting Role of the Primary Care Physician [The Last Word]

"A physician is obligated to consider more than a diseased organ, more even than the whole man - he must view the man in his world." -- Dr. Harvey Cushing

May/June 2014 Issue
Seven Sins in Modern Medicine [The Last Word]

Admit it, you're guilty of at least one of these.

May/June 2014 Issue
Solo Practice: Can It Survive? [From The Editor]

The environment is tougher than ever. Proactive revenue management and direct pay models provide opportunities for small practices

March/April 2013 Issue
The Relational Soul of Family Medicine [The Last Word]

It's time to focus on what you do best.

January/February 2013 Issue
Coming Home [Opinion]

The author argues that the patient-centered medical home is the ideal locus for management of patients with sickle cell disease.

January/February 2012 Issue
The State of Family Medicine [Feature]

The article provides an overview of the state of family medicine, including key metrics such as Match rates, compensation, hours worked and practice arrangement.

January/February 2012 Issue
How Is It Going? [From The Editor]

The article invites user comments on the article in the same issue titled "The State of Family Medicine."

November/December 2011 Issue
A Day in My Practice in 2020 [The Last Word]

January/February 2011 Issue
A Microcosm of the Health Care 'System' [From The Editor]

For a demonstration of just how insane our current health care system is, read a brief update on new changes to CPT codes -- but read it with the eyes of a patient.

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