Family medicine, general

Apr 2004 Issue
Recommendations for the Future of Family Medicine [Feature]

This article will provide a summary of the recommendations from the Future of Family Medicine Project as well as commentary from members of the FFM Task Force about what the recommendations might mean for practicing FPs.

Apr 2004 Issue
Respecifying the Specialty [Editor's Page]

Introduction to Jennifer's article on the FFM recommendations.

Jan 2004 Issue
If [Balancing Act]

A poem about family practice based on Rudyard Kipling's "If."

Nov-Dec 2003 Issue
Family Medicine Takes Center Stage [Feature]

Using data collected from the Future of Family Medicine Project, the article offers information regarding how patients view FPs and what they want from them. The article also provides an update on the project itself.

Jan 2003 Issue
FPM and the Family Physician's Journey to Medical Excellence [Editorial]

Medical editor Marc Rivo reflects on his years with the journal and encourages family physicians on their journey toward medical excellence.

Nov-Dec 2002 Issue
What's in a Name? [Editorial]

Argues that we need to get rid of the terms "family practitioner" and even "family practice" to protect the reputation of the specialty.

Jul-Aug 2002 Issue
Can We Avoid Errors in Family Practice? [Editorial]

FPM's medical editor writes about research to identify sources of error in family practice.

Apr 2002 Issue
Why We're In the Mess We're In [Feature]

The author highlights three of the most significant problems facing family practice -- economic pressures, the inherent complexity of health care and ongoing tensions between community-based family practice and academic family medicine -- and suggests appropriate responses to help the specialty thrive in coming generations.

Feb 2002 Issue
Precepting: Help Yourself While Helping Medical Students [Balancing Act]

The author describes how precepting medical students can reenergize you and help prevent burnout.

Feb 2002 Issue
Results From the FPM Practice Self-Test [Improving Patient Care]

The article shares data from the Family Practice Management Practice Self-Test, in which roughly 1000 family physicians ranked the value of interventions such as e-mail communication and chronic disease registries in improving patient care and service.

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