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Mar 2001 Issue
Focus on the Family, Part 1: What Is Your Family Focus Style? [Improving Patient Care]

The article, part of a series based on research from the Direct Observation of Primary Care Study, will explore how prevalent a "family focus" is in family practice and how that focus can affect patient outcomes.

Feb 2000 Issue
The Family Physician's Role in Reducing Medical Errors [Improving Patient Care]

The article will explain the kinds of medical errors that are common in medical practice and what physicians can do to improve patient safety.

Feb 2000 Issue
Are the Edges of Family Practice Being Worn Away? [Feature]

A variety of forces, from hospitalists to burnout, may be chipping away at family physicians' scope of practice. Should you be concerned?

Jan 2000 Issue
Building the Future of Health Care on the Foundations of Family Practice [Feature]

The author identifies the principles that will form the foundation of health care in the year 2000 and beyond.

Jan 2000 Issue
Practicing in the New Millennium: Do You Have What It Takes? [Feature]

The author describes the practice management skills and knowledge that family physicians will need to possess to succeed during the first part of the next century.

Jan 2000 Issue
What Lies Ahead for Family Physicians? [Feature]

Leaders throughout family practice and the health care industry describe what they think will be family physicians' greatest challenges and opportunities will be over the next 10 years.

Jul-Aug 1999 Issue
The Ideal Physician Leader: A Family Physician [Editorial]

Jul-Aug 1999 Issue
Readers Speak Out on the Turtle vs. Rabbit Controversy [Feature]

By assembling readers' letters and e-mails concerning "Turtles and Rabbits: Family Physicians Under Time Pressure" (which did have CME credit), this article will show how various family physicians are coping with the problem of time pressure today.

Jun 1999 Issue
Do You Smell Smoke? [Editor's Page]

Introduces Pfifferling article on burnout and mentions Balancing Act

Apr 1999 Issue
Turtles and Rabbits: Family Physicians Under Time Pressure [Feature]

Starting from a discussion between two family physicians with opposing views on the issue, the author examines the conflicting demands of productivity and the desire to give patients the time they need and want; the author endeavors to find solutions that family physicians can live with.

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