May 2008 Issue
'Just-in-Time' Business Education for Family Physicians [Opinion]

Practice management should be taught to new physicians and other physicians in practice more than to residents. It is only in practice that physicians begin to appreciate the importance of practice management expertise.

Jul-Aug 2007 Issue
Passion: The Power of Family Medicine [Opinion]

Argues that passion to take care of families is more the mark of the true family physician than the provision of the full range of what are normally considered family medicine services.

Feb 2007 Issue
Specialization in Family Medicine Education: Abandoning Our Generalist Roots [Opinion]

Subspecialization is beginning to undermine the nature of family medicine

Apr 2005 Issue
The Match and the Future of Family Medicine [Editor's Page]

Argues that the depressing Match results suggest the future of family medicine unless all of family medicine can get behind the FFM initiative.

Mar 2002 Issue
How to Recruit New Residency Graduates [Feature]

The article explains the strengths new graduates can bring to a medical practice and the areas in which they will need coaching from their more experienced MD colleagues.

Jan 2000 Issue
Running on Empty [Balancing Act]

This article profiles a family physician who has acheived a comfortable work/life balance. It will also offer tips on balancing priorities for physicians.

Jun 1998 Issue
Sticking Up for Primary Care [FP Stat]

Family medicine faculty have a high level of enthusiasm for primary care that their counterparts in general internal medicine apparently do not share.

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