Fee schedules

Apr 2007 Issue
Are Your Payers' Fee Schedules Fair? [Opinion]

If they use multiple conversion factors when determining what they'll pay, you may be at an even greater disadvantage than you realized.

Nov-Dec 2006 Issue
Negotiating a Contract With a Health Plan [Feature]

The author, a contract analyst for a multispecialty group, describes the questions family physicians ought to ask themselves when evaluating managed care contracts.

Oct 2004 Issue
Can You Negotiate Better Reimbursement? [Feature]

The article explains how physicians can negotiate with payers for fairer reimbursement rates and when they should try this approach.

Sep 2004 Issue
"Insuring" the Uninsured [Feature]

The author describes how his practice developed a pool of money that uninsured self-pay patients who demonstrate financial need contribute to and that the practice draws from to be compensated for the care they provide to these patients.

Apr 2004 Issue
Calculating Your Costs per Visit [Feature]

The article describes how to conduct a unit cost analysis, which takes into account all of the costs associated with providing a particular service (e.g., an adult physical) and determine how much it costs your practice to provide that service. This information can be useful for developing budgets, for negotiating rates with health insurance plans and for strategic planning.

Feb 2001 Issue
Waiving Co-payments and Deductibles for Indigent Patients [Getting Paid]

The article explains clarifications to the anti-kickback statute that were recently issued by the Office of Inspector General. The focus is on waiver of copayments for indigent patients.

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