May/June 2013 Issue
Transitional Care Management: Why Bother? [From The Editor]

Think of it as a way to help your patients, potentially save the system money, and help your bottom line all at the same time.

January/February 2012 Issue
The Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative: What You Need to Know [Feature]

The Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative launched by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services will test the effects of a blended payment model for primary care services, including a per-member-per-month care management fee. This article describes the details, timeline and other information about this promising initiative.

September/October 2011 Issue
One Last Annual ICD-9 Update [Feature]

The author describes changes in ICD-9 codes for 2012 in the areas most likely to affect family physicians.

September/October 2011 Issue
E/M Coding and the Documentation Guidelines: Putting It All Together [Feature]

The author describes common presenting problems in family medicine and recommends an evaluation and management code for each vignette and the rationale for selecting the code.

September/October 2011 Issue
The RUC Under Fire [From The Editor]

Time may be running out for the group that helps divide the Medicare pie.

March/April 2011 Issue
Answers to Your Questions About Medicare Annual Wellness Visits [Feature]

The author answers readers' questions about how to document, code and bill for Medicare's new Annual Wellness Visit benefit.

March/April 2011 Issue
Five Common Coding Mistakes That Are Costing You [Feature]

Fix these problems to increase your bottom line.

July/Aug 2010 Issue
Is Your Medicare Payer Playing by the Rules? [Feature]

This article describes the ways in which different Medicare carriers interpret Medicare's documentation guidelines differently, thus amplifying the ambiguity of the guidelines and complicating coding and reimbursement.

Nov-Dec 2009 Issue
Ten Steps to a Patient-Centered Medical Home [Feature]

The author recommends an organized, step-by-step approach to converting a typical family medicine practice to a patient-centered medical home.

Jan-Feb 2009 Issue
Building the Case for the Patient-Centered Medical Home [Feature]

The article discusses the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) movement and describes what progress has been made toward convincing insurers, employers, legislators, physicians and patients that PCMHs should be the cornerstone of the health care system.

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