Family Practice Management (journal)

Mar 2008 Issue
Changes Coming to FPM Online [From The Editor]

The FPM Web site will soon be redesigned in more ways than one.

Feb 2008 Issue
Coming Changes in FPM [From The Editor]

Starting in April, FPM will have more to offer AAFP members and subscribers.

Nov-Dec 2007 Issue
Becoming a Superpractice [From The Editor]

You don't need a phone booth for a changing room.

Oct 2007 Issue
Let Your Ideas Shine: The 2008 Reader Challenge [From The Editor]

Got a good idea? Don't hide it under a bushel.

Jun 2007 Issue
A Report Card for 32 Payers: Not Making the Grade [Feature]

The article describes the results of a survey of physicians' experiences with major health care payers.

Jun 2007 Issue
'Grade Your Payers': Solo Docs Speak Up [From The Editor]

If you're not feeling their pain, is it just because you're anesthetized?

May 2007 Issue
Sharing the Fruits of EHR Experience [From The Editor]

Family physicians have accumulated a wealth of EHR wisdom. The trick is to get it to those who need it.

Apr 2007 Issue
Electronic Health Records: The 2007 FPM User-Satisfaction Survey [Feature]

The 2007 version of the EHR user-satisfaction survey form.

Mar 2007 Issue
FPM Peer Reviewers Can Now Earn CME Credit [From The Editor]

A thorough manuscript review can be educational for the reviewer. Why not get the credit you're due?

Jan 2007 Issue
Where We're Coming From [From The Editor]

FPM's aim is to help you succeed now and in the long term.

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