Family Practice Management (journal)

Jan 2003 Issue
FPM and the Family Physician's Journey to Medical Excellence [Editorial]

Medical editor Marc Rivo reflects on his years with the journal and encourages family physicians on their journey toward medical excellence.

Nov-Dec 2002 Issue
A Piece of Your Mind [Editor's Page]

Invites readers to describe the biggest problems they're facing and solutions they've discovered.

May 2002 Issue
Call for Peer Reviewers [Editor's Page]

A call for peer reviewers

Feb 2002 Issue
Results From the FPM Practice Self-Test [Improving Patient Care]

The article shares data from the Family Practice Management Practice Self-Test, in which roughly 1000 family physicians ranked the value of interventions such as e-mail communication and chronic disease registries in improving patient care and service.

Nov-Dec 2001 Issue
Doing the Right Things: Eliminating Errors from Practice [Editor's Page]

Call for tips and articles for 2002 special issue on error reduction.

Jun 2001 Issue
Toward a More Useful Journal [Editor's Page]

Asks for article topic suggestions and volunteers to join the "Panel of Reader Representatives"

Feb 2001 Issue
Improving Your Practice Through the FPM Practice Self-Test [Editorial]

FPM's medical editor writes about the value of self-assessment.

Feb 2001 Issue
The Family Practice Management Practice Self-Test [Feature]

A self-appraisal questionnaire designed to help the family physician evaluate how well his or her practice is doing in a wide range of measures, including quality of care, patient satisfaction, staff and physician satisfaction, work environment, technology, financial health and efficiency. The reader will be able to derive several raw scores that should help direct quality improvement efforts.

Feb 2001 Issue
A New Shipment of Tools [Editor's Page]

Introduces the expanded online toolbox, the self-test and Christy

Jan 2001 Issue
Electronic Medical Records: The FPM Vendor Survey [Feature]

Presents the results of an extensive survey of the vendors of 28 electronic medical records systems in a way that allows readers to compare systems in terms of important features.

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