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Practice Guideline: ACIP Releases 2015 Childhood Immunization(62 KB PDF) and Adult Immunization(78 KB PDF) Schedules

Online Ahead of Print Editorial: The AAFP's Perspective on What to Do at Well-Child Visits

Influenza Management: Check out the editorial, practice guideline and AFP By Topic collection on influenza.

Measles Immunizations: View recommendations from the AAFP and an AFP Journal Club discussion.

Choosing Wisely Database: Now includes even more recommendations relevant to primary care that are searchable by keyword, topic sponsor, or source.

AFP Apps: Check out the AFP Journal, AFP Photo Quiz, and AFP By Topic apps

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American Family Physician (AFP) is the AAFP’s clinical review journal for physicians and others in primary care.

For practice managment information, visit Family Practice Management.

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