Institutional Subscriptions

Special Offer For Our Loyal Subscribers

If you have an institutional subscription that has been in effect since 2009 or before, you can renew your site license and save big!

We think you deserve to be rewarded for your longtime loyalty. So, when you renew for 2014, you'll SAVE 20% off the regular site license rate for Tiers 2-5.

To see if you qualify for this special offer, contact your subscription agent or call Rebecca Harp at 800-274-2237 (913-906-6000), ext. 5165, or email

Choose the option that's right for your institution

AFP and FPM institutional subscriptions are available at two access levels, with two options each:

  • Limited Access: This option provides online access limited to three designated workstations within your library or organization. Access is provided via three static IP addresses or one username/password combination for use only at the designated workstations. This subscription is available in print + online or online-only. Go to AFP or FPM for information on rates and ordering.
  • Site License: This option provides unlimited online access to all journal content for your entire organization: faculty, patrons, students and staff. Pricing is divided into five tiers and four categories so you can determine the price that's right for your organization's size and type. Available as online-only or with an archive print copy. Get complete information on tiers and pricing.

Access for Developing Countries

American Family Physician and Family Practice Management participate in HINARI(, the World Health Organization's program to provide free or very low cost access for institutions in developing countries.